Before first use, your Riley Smoker must be seasoned.
1.Brush all interior surfaces with vegetable cooking oil.
2.Build a small fire in the fire box (about 5lbs of lump charcoal).
3.Open all 4 air intakes and smokestack.
4.Once temperature reaches 300 degrees, close 2 air intakes.
5.Let you Smoker go until the fire goes out.
Your Riley Smoker is now Seasoned and ready to get you Up And Smokin’
Smokin’ Instructions
Items Needed:
10 lbs Lump Charcoal
5 Lumps of your favorite Wood for Smokin’
Chimney Fire Starter
Vegetable Oil (optional)
News Paper
Grill Brush
Digital Cooking Thermometer
1. Remove lid, cooking grate, and fire Basket
2. Fill chimney fire starter with lump charcoal and start(we pour a little vegetable oil on the lump charcoal for a quicker start). Start/Light per instructions included with Chimney Fire Starter
3. Empty the remainder of the bag of lump charcoal into the fire basket. Arrange charcoal around the edge of the fire basket.
4. Place fire basket back into your Riley Smoker and remove all 4 air intake caps.
5. Once the charcoal in chimney starter is glowing red, using your gloves, carefully empty the contents into the center of the fire basket.
6. Replace cooking grate and lid. Make sure to have the smoke stack baffle completely open.
7. Once the temperature reaches 200 degrees, replace 2 of the air intake caps.
8. Fine tune your temperature using the smoke stack baffle and air intake caps (we have had great success Smokin’ at 220 to 250 degrees).
9. Once desired temperature is achieved remove lid and cooking grate, using gloves, carefully place all 5 lumps of wood into the fire basket. We suggest placing one lump in the center, then the other four around the edges.
10.Replace cooking grate and clean grate with grill brush.
Apply meat, replace lid, and your Riley Smoker is Up anD Smokin‘
Due to decreased cooking times, Riley Smoker’s encourages cooking to internal temperature, not by time.
10 lbs of lump charcoal will last 8-10 hours with no need to tend to the fire.
Clean out your Riley Smoker fire basket after each use after completely cooled.
Repeat and Enjoy Often!!

!!!! WARNING !!!! - **Do not exceed 350 Degrees**

All surfaces can be hot during use. Use protection as required to prevent burning.
Do not use this unit on or near combustible surfaces or structures such as wood decks, dry leaves or grass, vinyl or wood siding, etc.
Most surfaces on this unit are hot when in use. Use extreme caution. Keep others away from unit .
Always wear protective clothing to prevent injury.
Keep children and pets away.
Do not move this unit during operation.
Never substitute gasoline, kerosene or alcohol for charcoal starter. In some states, the use of charcoal starter is prohibited by law. In this case, paraffin-based starter cubes can be substituted for charcoal starter. Never use charcoal starter fluid with an electric starter

USDA Recommended Internal Cooking Temperatures

Meat Type Temp
Ground Meat
Beef, Pork, Veal, Lamb 160°F
Turkey, Chicken 165°F
Fresh Beef, Veal, Lamb
Medium Rare
(let stand 3 minutes before cutting)
Medium 160°F
Well Done 170°F
Chicken & Turkey, whole 165°F
Poultry Parts 165°F
Duck & Goose 165°F
Fresh Pork
Medium Rare
(let stand 3 minutes before cutting)
Medium 160°F
Well Done 170°F