About Riley Smokers

Riley Smokers are constructed out of all NEW Materials, not recycled or reconditioned. We start off with a brand new 55 gallon barrel, then powder coat them for a beautiful and long lasting finish. They are then topped off with a custom made smoke stack and fitted with many hand made pieces. Inside is an over-sized, hand rolled fire basket and drip pan. Riley Smokers are truly unique and are suitable for the beginner to the seasoned BBQ professional.

This is the easiest BBQ smoker to use. Great for Tailgating. No more need to cook overnight, or getting up at the crack of dawn. You can fire up this smoker by 8 am and still be eating fantastic BBQ by dinner time.10lbs of Lump Charcoal and a few chunks of wood will burn for 10-12 hours and hold temp between 220 and 250 degrees.


Thumbnail Base Model comes with :
1 Cooking Grate
Smoke Stack
Fire Box
4 Air Intake Ports
Lid Hook

Thumbnail Colors :
Many options to choose from.

Thumbnail Add On Options :
King Size cutting boards from Lew's available in the following sizes :
24”x60” Tailgate Cutting Board
24”x40” Carving Board
12”x20” Prep Board